Dr. Vicky Odwyer

Private Maternity Care

What is private maternity care?

Private maternity care is personalised antenatal and postnatal care with your consultant. This means you will see Dr O’Dwyer for your antenatal care including an early scan, regular antenatal visits, to ensure both you and your baby are monitored and cared for during your pregnancy, and for your 6-week postnatal check. The benefit of private antenatal care is that you have an experienced obstetrician providing antenatal care. Continuity of care is one of the most frequently mentioned reasons for choosing this type of care.

Private antenatal consultations take place in either the Rotunda Private clinic or Evie clinic in Beacon Hall. (Evie video)

The booking visit and delivery will take place in the Rotunda Hospital (includes women attending Evie clinic).

If you require admission during your pregnancy it will be to the Rotunda Hospital. 

Delivery is at the rotunda hospital (including Evie patients)

For any queries, during your pregnancy, you should contact either the Rotunda Private Clinic or Evie clinic during business hours. 

For emergencies please contact or attend the Rotunda Hospital. 

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